Vinegar as detergent and fabric softener

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Vinegar as detergent and fabric softener

When you buy a garment, you only think about how well it suits you and how you can combine it with the rest of the clothes you have in your wardrobe. So far so good! But the problems appear when it comes time to wash it. Each shirt, each trousers, each dress or each sweater has its explanatory label with the instructions for its washing: type of water, temperature, products… And this is how you accumulate a lot of brands of detergents and fabric softeners on your terrace. Did you know that there is one that works for everything and works great miracles? Discover vinegar as a detergent and softener for washing clothes

Tips for washing clothes with vinegar

You are used to using vinegar in your salads, but after reading these tricks you will start using it in your next laundry too. And it is that this product does not resist anything: difficult stains, bad smells or adhesive fluff… vinegar (white)! can with everything. 

Vinegar and detergent, a great combination

Do you have the feeling that your detergent does not wash as well as you thought? That it seems as if it will not remove the stains at all ? You have used different brands (cheap and expensive), but you have not been able to obtain the expected results. The next time you prepare your laundry, before hitting the “start” button, pour a splash of vinegar into the detergent box and you will notice the difference. 

Vinegar as a softener

More and more people are against the use of fabric softener in laundry due to the amount of chemical products it contains. You are probably wondering if there is an alternative and we tell you yes: white vinegar . Once you try it, you won’t miss your old fabric softener. 

 Traces of sweat 

Deodorant stains and sweat stains are some of the hardest to remove. They are very unsightly and can ruin a new shirt, especially if it is white. Thanks to its properties, white vinegar will help you make them disappear. 

Detergent residue

One of the most common and at the same time most hated things when taking clothes out of the washing machine are the remains of detergent that often get stuck to it. Avoid it next time by pouring half a cup of vinegar in the saucepan of detergent. This will dilute much better. 

Clean washing machines

From time to time, the washing machine needs a set-up and a cleaning of it. But don’t worry because if you start using vinegar in your laundry as we have explained in the previous points, you will be helping your washing machine clean itself. 

Difficult stains

For those difficult stains, vinegar can be your great solution. Put the garment in a basin with water, pour a glass of vinegar and let it rest overnight. The next day, the stain will be gone. 

Unpleasant odors

Although smoking is no longer allowed in public places such as bars or restaurants, we all have a friend who smokes or, perhaps, we ourselves were hooked on tobacco . The smell of a cigarette quickly adheres to clothing and, despite washing it, is very difficult to remove. For this mission, vinegar will be your great ally. 

Delicate clothes

There are sweaters or shirts that it is better not to put in the washing machine because, otherwise, they may shrink or be damaged. How to wash this type of clothes? In a basin, by hand and pouring six tablespoons of vinegar. Let it rest for about 30 minutes, rub well, and rinse with plenty of water and… ready to hang! 

Lint and static electricity

But this is not all. Did you know that clothes washed with vinegar do not accumulate as much static electricity as those washed without it? And there’s more, white vinegar makes your beloved kitty ‘s dirty clothes full of lint come out of the washing machine without a trace of them. As you read, the powers of vinegar are many and very good