VERY effective tricks to clean the oven (with natural products)

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VERY effective tricks to clean the oven (with natural products)

The oven is one of the most used appliances. In it we can make from a delicious dessert to a fish to lick your fingers. However, it is also one of the heaviest appliances to clean. That is why many times we usually leave cleaning for another time , which is a fatal mistake, since this will make it much more difficult to remove grease stains and burned and encrusted food. In Daily Women we give you some very useful tricks to clean the oven with the help of natural products that you surely have at home or can easily find. Take note!

What products can you use to clean the oven?

There are specific products on the market for cleaning this appliance , but most are made up of toxic chemicals. This class of products must be handled with care , both in the administration and in its elimination, since later we will introduce our food in the oven.

For this reason, it is more advisable to use natural products such as lemon, salt, baking soda and vinegar . All of them, administered in the right way, work very well even with the deepest stains. In addition, they are more friendly to the environment.

In any case, if you decide on chemical products rather than natural products, it is very important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. In this way, you will get a clean and well-kept oven.

Step by step to do a basic cleaning of the oven

We start with some tricks to clean the oven on a regular basis. It is recommended to clean it after each use, taking advantage of it when it is still somewhat hot (without burning), so that it is always impeccable. And for this you can follow the following steps:

You can use three parts water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the inside of the oven avoiding the fans and leave for a few minutes. Then wipe with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt.

When you cook a dish that leaves a very strong smell inside the oven, for example when you cook fish, you can clean it with a mixture of the juice of two lemons (you can also add the peel) and pour it onto a baking tray or a container with a little of water.

Introduce the container and turn on the oven at about 200ยบ for 20 or 30 minutes. Take advantage of the heat of the dish you have baked to use this homemade trick and, in this way, you will save gas or electricity (depending on how your oven is).

Then let cool a bit and wipe the walls and door with a damp cloth . In addition to removing odours, surface grease will also be descaled.

Deep cleaning of the oven: what steps should you follow?

If your oven is already very dirty , don’t worry, we also have some tricks based on natural ingredients that will leave it very clean:

Salt oven cleaning

Salt is an excellent degreaser and goes a long way in cleaning deeper stains. Make a mixture of 1/2 liter of water and 250 gr. of coarse salt in a container. Stir until most of the salt has dissolved and spread over oven walls and door.

Leave on for about 20 minutes and clean with a damp cloth. You can carefully scrape the areas where the stains are more embedded with a plastic spatula , you will see that thanks to the effect of the salt they will come out easily.

Oven cleaning with baking soda and vinegar

This cleaner is the quintessential degreaser, in fact, it can be used to clean the kitchen grill or other greasy areas (as long as they are not porous surfaces). When the oven is very dirty, there is no better homemade solution than this.

Make a paste with baking soda and water . When you have it, add the vinegar little by little, since the reaction will make it foam. If you use 1/2 cup of baking soda, use about 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar and enough water to make the paste. If you go over vinegar or water you can add more baking soda.

Cover the walls of the oven with the paste, focusing on the most dirty areas. You can also use this recipe with the oven door. Leave on overnight, about 12 hours. To remove it, use a plastic spatula in the areas where there is more embedded dirt and wipe with a damp cloth as many times as necessary. On the door, first sprinkle a little water and carefully remove the paste with a cloth , so that it does not scratch the glass.

How to clean oven trays and racks

You can use any of the above tricks to clean oven trays and racks, they work great too. Another infallible trick is that of cola. You just have to soak them for 15 minutes in glue and then rub and wash. They are impeccable!

In addition to the above, one way to prevent grids and trays from getting excessively dirty is to place baking paper or aluminum foil on them to prevent staining as much as possible when we use them. Also, always remove the baked dishes along with the tray, this way you will avoid spills.