Useful tricks to completely remove beet stains from clothes

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Useful tricks to completely remove beet stains from clothes

What is beet? Well, a plant with a thick stem and large leaves with a reddish central nerve and greenish flowers that is used in the kitchen for a lot of delicious recipes. But you already know this, right? What’s more, if you’re reading these lines, it’s because it’s a food that’s rarely missing from your kitchen, that’s why ‘my sweater got stained’, ‘it got splashed on my jeans’ has happened to you in more one time, right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave that stained garment just to walk around the house, there are a series of useful tricks to remove beet stains from clothes completely and forever. We tell you right now!

Tips to remove beet stains from your clothes

Beetroot is a very versatile food, it can be eaten raw (well washed), in a salad, cooked as another ingredient in stews… However, what does not seem so simple is removing the dark spots it leaves on clothes due to, you know, carelessness.

If you have just stained, for example, that shirt, hurry up and go to the tap to submerge the garment under plenty of warm water . What you are doing with this is preventing the stain from drying out. Add a pinch of your regular dishwashing detergent, rub gently and rinse, the stain should be largely gone. Next, put the shirt in the washing machine and wash along with the rest of the laundry. You will see that it is like new.

Let’s now see how to treat beetroot stains on clothing depending on the fabric it has.

Beet stains on cotton clothes

If the stain in question is on a garment made up mostly of cotton, what you should do is rub the juice of half a lemon directly on the stain .

Then, leave it to soak in cold water for a long time so that it finishes softening and, to finish, wash it in the washing machine on the appropriate program. If possible, let it dry in the open air .

Beet stains on a leather garment

Soak a piece of cotton with a little methylated spirit , rub it on the stain to be treated, dry with a clean cloth, wait a few moments and check if the stain has come out completely. If not, she repeats the process again. Leather is a material that must be taken care of, so be careful with experiments to remove stains of this type, it could end up in a total disaster.

And if it is a stain on a wool or silk garment…

Wool not so much, but silk is very delicate, so the best thing you can do to remove a beetroot stain on garments with these fabrics, wool and silk, is to use a little coarse salt . Apply to the stain, rub carefully and without applying much pressure, let it act for a few minutes and remove the salt with the help of a cloth.

Then wash by hand or in the washing machine as indicated on the label. Once the garment is completely dry, there should be no trace of beet stain dirt, if not, do not hesitate to repeat the process as we have just seen, there are times that the most embedded or dried stains of several days or even weeks need to be treated several times for them to completely disappear.