Tricks to get rid of mud stains on clothes forever

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Tricks to get rid of mud stains on clothes forever

A nice sunny day, an afternoon in the countryside with your friends or with your family, fun, laughter and also mud stains. These are stains that you think are so difficult to remove, that you even think that you are going to have to throw away that garment that you like so much. We have to tell you that nothing of that! Check out these home remedies and you will know some tricks to get rid of mud stains on your clothes forever. Let’s start! 

Tips and tricks to remove mud stains from clothes

Mud stains fall into the category of difficult, especially if the stain has been removed (something that has happened to all of us). That is why we share the complete guide to remove mud stains from clothes, whatever the fabric. Just remember to follow the steps that we tell you here and wash the garment separately according to the needs of each one. Fixing the mess of your clothes is possible!

Dishwasher detergent to remove mud stains from clothes

The first thing you should do is scrape with a knife, and very carefully, the mud stain of the garment to be treated. Then you must moisten with warm water and put a generous layer of the detergent that you usually use for the dishwasher. Leave on for a few minutes, rinse under running water and finish washing in the washing machine as you always do. 

If before putting the clothes in the washing machine you see that there is still a lot of mud left, add a little more detergent and repeat the steps. If you prefer, you can use hand soap or the liquid soap you use to do your laundry instead of detergent. All of them are equally useful if you use them in the same way that we have indicated. 

Egg yolk to remove mud stains, it works!

Egg yolk is one of those remedies that our grandmothers used to erase those hateful stains that mud leaves on clothes. For this to be effective, you will have to put the yolk directly on the stain to be treated and wait about 10 minutes.

After this time, you must remove the remains of the egg with kitchen paper and very carefully. Then, finish with plenty of warm water to continue removing the remains. Now you only have to wash in the washing machine along with the rest of your laundry. 

Burning alcohol, another remedy to get rid of stains 

The methylated spirit, the one that we all have at home for what may happen, works very well when it comes to fixing the mess of mud stains embedded in clothes. The first thing you should do is moisten the garment you are going to save, and put a little bit of methylated spirit directly on the stain. 

Let it act for a few moments, and rinse with plenty of water and a little hand soap. Then put in the washing machine and let dry in the sun if possible. If the garment is a very delicate fabric, it is better that you do not use this remedy with burning alcohol and opt for the others that we give you in this manual. 

Warm water, vinegar and ammonia to remove mud stains from your clothes 

If the clothes that have been stained with mud are of a conventional fabric, this trick works like a charm. You just have to prepare a solution based on two parts of warm water, one of vinegar and another of ammonia. Mix well so that everything is integrated, and then introduce the garment in the mixture for 15 minutes. Rinse with water and wash with the rest of the laundry.