Tricks to disinfect clothes and eliminate viruses, germs or bacteria

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Tricks to disinfect clothes and eliminate viruses, germs or bacteria

Doing laundry is pretty easy and everyone knows it, right? However, when it comes to eliminating viruses, germs or bacteria, doubts crowd our minds. What steps must be followed if we want to prevent the spread of viruses to avoid contagion by diseases? Quiet!  we have what you are looking for: take a look at these tricks to disinfect clothes that will surely be most useful to you. Let’s do it! 

Tips for cleaning clothes correctly and making them virus-free

How do you wash your clothes every time they get dirty ? Perhaps your answer is the same as that of many: in the washing machine or by hand if it is delicate garments. Now, well, if we were to ask you: how do you wash your personal and household clothes to eliminate possible viruses, bacteria and germs? Perhaps your answer becomes a bit more dubious. And it is that we have all learned that about washing our hands well and doing it frequently, right? Well, now it’s time to see how we can clean and disinfect clothes so that they are free of pathogens and thus prevent the spread of certain diseases. You cannot miss the following tips to wash your clothes perfectly.

1 Wash clothes in the washing machine

To clean the clothes of the day of the day and to disinfect it when someone in the house has a common cold or has caught another similar virus, what we will do is put it in the washing machine in the appropriate program. When it comes to respiratory infections that cause flu and pneumonia, most viruses and bacteria do not survive the wash cycle and that is why it is important to use a long wash cycle as well as add a little bleach that does not damage clothes. but that it does allow its disinfection.

2 Use hot water

There are more and more tests that say that most viruses and bacteria that are capable of surviving on different surfaces for up to 3 days are not resistant to high temperatures, so if you want your clothes to be completely clean, wash them also in a hot water program. Make sure that the clothes are susceptible to it, lest they be delicate garments and get damaged.

3 Do not fully fill the washing machine

It is always advisable to put the washing machine when it is full so as not to waste water, however, when it comes to disinfecting the clothes, we will do it when there is still space. In this way, the clothes will have enough space to be washed properly.

4 Use the right detergent

In addition to putting a little bleach, we will use a high-resistance granular liquid detergent and we will put a little more quantity than we would normally use to wash clothes.

5 Dry clothes in the dryer whenever you can

If you have a dryer at home and it has a high temperature drying program , do not hesitate to use it, it is another thing that will help you a lot to eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs from clothes. 

6 Do not hesitate to wash your clothes in a professional laundry

If you find it difficult to follow the advice you have just read at home or you have a lot of clothes to wash and you want to do it at once, do not hesitate to use the services of a professional laundry, you will be able to clean and disinfect your clothes quickly, easily and effective.