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Having a simple toolbox at home that allows us to both tackle a small domestic emergency and undertake small DIY adventures is very simple. We present the dozen essential tools in our home.

The tools

– Hammer: Basic tool. In the case of domestic DIY, the north must not be lost. It is worth with a 350gr carpenter’s hammer.

– Screwdriver (flat blade or star): It is advisable to have at least two different sizes of each model to avoid problems.

– Pliers : A small pliers that will help us in countless jobs. It allows to cut cable, hold pieces,…

– Wrench : Essential for handling nuts. Better if we have two of different sizes because in plumbing jobs we could need them.

– Electric drill : Basic tool that we must learn to use without fear. One of 350W is more than enough for normal partitions and the usual DIY in a house. In the case that comes with the drill we will find the necessary sizes and types of drill bits.

– Saw : A simple saw blade guarantees us to be able to cut almost everything that comes our way.

– Witch level : It will allow us to properly level pictures , shelves,… When the level is perfectly horizontal, the bubble will be between two marks.

– Tape measure : There are plenty of explanations. More important than the toolbox.

– Insulating tape : To protect cables that may be exposed, for example while changing a plug .

– Plugs : Whether they are rocker (for “plasterboard” type partitions) or mechanical plastic, of different thicknesses. We have to place them in holes, when we have to secure heavy partitions. We will put the plugs inside the drill and then insert the alcayata into the plug.

– Screws, sockets, spikes, nails : The more we have, the better. Save the ones that are left over, the ones you remove or the ones you find. Someday they will be useful.

– Allen keys: Allen keys are L-shaped tools with a hexagonal head. They are used to screw specific anchors that are used very often by a famous Swedish furniture factory.

where to keep them

One last piece of advice, especially if there are little ones at home. We must keep the toolbox in a locked cabinet because the attraction that tools exert on children is tremendous and accidents  can be serious.