Ten tips to avoid home break-ins during the summer holidays

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Ten tips to avoid home break-ins during the summer holidays

The summer months, July and August, are the most common for us to go on vacation . Precisely for this reason, the summer season is usually when we find more thefts every year, being almost 40% of the total for the year.

So that you are calmer while you enjoy the sea or the mountains, and you do not have to worry during your rest, here we offer ten simple keys that will help make the home safer and thieves do not approach it.

Ten keys to a safer home

1. Set the alarm: The most effective method to prevent theft is to hire a security service to install an alarm at home. In this way, during the holidays, they will take care of any incident. Of course, don’t forget to memorize the password and don’t give it to anyone you don’t trust.

2. Do not give details of your vacations: Nowadays we have a tendency to announce any news in our lives through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Do not advertise in them when you are going on vacation, the place or the days you will be away. Even if you have restricted access it is better not to make the details public on the internet.

3. Be careful with the keys : Do not leave a set of spare keys within the reach of thieves , neither in pots nor under mats. The safest thing is to leave a copy with a trusted family member or friend to inspect the house during your vacation.

4. Program the lights : If you can, buy a timer that periodically activates lights, television, radio and other objects in the house, to give a sense of life noise and mislead possible thieves hunting empty homes.

5. Do not lower the blinds: Windows are the element that thieves watch over the most, a house that has had the shutters down for several days in summer could indicate that its owners are away. Leave them at half height , and even leave some clothes hanging .

6. Do not leave valuable objects at home : During the holidays, it is recommended not to leave small valuables, such as jewelry or money, inside the house, leave them at someone’s house or in a safe deposit box .

7. Keep the bills : Do not lose the bills and tickets of electronic devices (fridge, television) because in case of theft they can be the key to find them orclaim . Take note of the model of the appliances.

8. Do not close the drawers with a key : In case a thief enters, it is better not to lead him directly to the place where the valuable objects are. In addition, this way you will avoid unnecessary damage to the furniture.

9. Alert a neighbor: Enlisting the help of a neighbor can be key, ask them to be on the lookout for any suspicious lurking around.

10. Do not leave gaps in doors and windows : Especially important in the case of chalets, which are easier to access, is not to leave visible holes in the cracks through which thieves can insert levers .