Steps to clean the washing machine: goodbye to the dirt of the rubber or the drum

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Steps to clean the washing machine: goodbye to the dirt of the rubber or the drum

In order for our washing machine to properly clean the clothes and keep them in good condition for longer, it is recommended to clean them every month . Generally, manufacturers usually put similar information in the instructions for use, although the truth is that we do not always take it very much into account, right?

However, cleaning the washing machine is essential , since with this we will avoid the proliferation of bacteria and mold that can adhere to our clothes with washing , in addition to avoiding the lime scale that can do so much damage to our appliance and the dreaded encrusted soap. , which ends up caked on our clothes. A washing machine that is not cleaned can even harbor clothing fibers that will stick to the clothes that we wash. The constant cleaning of the washing machine is so important that if we do not do it, not only will it stop washing the clothes correctly, but it will deteriorate much faster, even breaking down.

Still don’t know the steps to follow to clean the washing machine?  We help you say goodbye to the dirt on the rubber, the drum or the filter , and we give you some extra tips to keep your appliance clean. Let’s see it!

Tips for cleaning the washing machine drum

There are two star products to clean the drum of the washing machine: vinegar and bleach or chlorine. Whatever product you use, the cleaning procedure is the same. We recommend using vinegar because it is biodegradable and is an excellent natural disinfectant that eliminates viruses and bacteria.

By the way, vinegar is also a great natural fabric softener, so you can use it as a sustainable alternative for your washing machine. We recommend using bleach or chlorine in cases where cleaning with vinegar is not enough. If you go for vinegar, use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, although any vinegar will work as well. Cleaning is very simple:

+Fill the detergent drawer with vinegar and run a full normal washing machine cycle , preferably with hot water above 30ÂșC . If you do not have hot water in your washing machine, we recommend a longer cycle, for example, the one for white clothes.

+In the case of top-loading washing machines, some do not have a drawer, then put the vinegar directly into the drum. If they are spigot washers, you can put a little vinegar in the softener dispenser (which is usually the one with the central spigot), so that it also washes correctly.

+It is important to do an extra rinse with an empty washer or old towels to ensure complete removal of the vinegar . In the event that you have cleaned the washing machine with bleach or chlorine, this step is mandatory, since the chlorine could remain on the surface of the drum and adhere to the clothes, discoloring them.

Very effective tricks to clean the rubber of the washing machine

Front drum washing machines have a rubber around it that tends to accumulate dirt, mold and bacteria, so it must be cleaned regularly so that it does not dirty and contaminate our clothes. Many times, when the washing machine gives off a musty smell , it is usually because the rubber is dirty.

Ideally, keep the rubber clean at all times. To do this, you can clean it with water and a little detergent after each wash or every several washes. It is important that you not only clean the visible part of the rubber, but also the back, since it is where the most dirt accumulates. To do this, you just have to remove it slightly (without completely removing the rubber) and clean that area with a damp cloth or a little detergent, removing all the accumulated dirt. When you’re done, dry it and leave the door of the washing machine open for several hours until it has dried completely.

Sometimes, the rubber can accumulate mold , which can be seen visibly because black spots appear on the rubber, mainly if the usual cleaning maintenance is not done or if the washing machine is not allowed to ventilate with the door open after each wash. . But in addition, mold can accumulate in the rubber joints, which are more difficult to access and are often forgotten when cleaning. It is responsible for the bad odors in the washing machine and can be impregnated in the clothes, leaving bad odors and being dangerous to use, especially for children. For all these reasons, it is very important not to forget to clean the rubber of the washing machine. How should you clean this mold ? Attention!

To clean mold you can use vinegar or a mixture of water (2 liters), lemon juice (30 ml) and hydrogen peroxide (125 ml). Mix all ingredients well and use this natural cleaner to remove mildew from washer rubber. You can even use it as a regular cleanser.

When you apply it, let it act for a few minutes so that later you can more easily remove the mold with a scourer or a kitchen cloth , depending on how embedded it is. In addition, this homemade cleaner will help you remove mold from other surfaces in your home , such as the refrigerator, non-abrasive kitchen surfaces, the gaskets in the shower, the toilet or the sink. Do not use it on delicate surfaces, for example if you have a kitchen countertop made of a porous or abrasive material such as quartz or granite.

Top -loading washing machines do not always have rubber, but on the top of the drum there is usually a plastic strip around it that must also be cleaned in the same way , since it accumulates dirt and can cause mold.

How should you clean the washing machine filter?

Another part of the washing machine that must be cleaned regularly is the washing machine filter. For its correct cleaning, it would be necessary to remove it from where it is and proceed with the following steps:

If you don’t know how to remove the filter, consult the instruction book for your washing machine model. Take it out and clean it with a rag. You can even wash it in the sink with a brush to remove all the fibers and accumulated lime.

If for some reason it is not completely clean, try using vinegar or the mixture of water, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. It is fabulous to remove any type of dirt!

Tips to keep the washing machine perfectly clean for a long time

In addition to cleaning the drum, the rubber and the filter, it is important to have a series of basic care with the washing machine so that it stays clean and in good working order. Take note, because they make a difference in the care of this important appliance:

Keep the detergent and softener drawers clean, as well as the bleach drawer if you have it. You can clean them with vinegar and a rag. Use a toothbrush for built-up soap stains.

Always leave the door of the washing machine open after each use for a few hours, preferably until it dries completely. This is essential so that mold and bad odors do not accumulate inside the washing machine.

Just like you clean the drum, remember to clean the door regularly, since the front part comes into contact with the wash.

In the event that your installation allows it, close the water flow and turn it off when not in use. This will allow to avoid moisture.

Do not overfill the washing machine, this usually ends up spoiling the operation of the drum.