Rescue vintage and redecorate your home with a very chic style

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Rescue vintage and redecorate your home with a very chic style

What exactly is vintage style? It is about old furniture or accessories but at the same time they have a modern finish that has been manipulated later. The term vintage or retro is often used indistinctly to refer to the same type of furniture, but although both are based on the past, a slight nuance must be made between the two: while vintage usually refers to older styles more baroque, retro is based on forms that would be close to pop-art, colorful and with straight lines.

Vintage is a very striking style when it comes to decorating because it allows you to create a groundbreaking fusion of styles which has a charming visual effect. Thus, it is a type of decoration based on contrast: you can have your house decorated in a modern style and suddenly innovate with an armchair, a bureau or another type of antique furniture that breaks with the visual harmony of the environment.

Save old furniture

A great advantage of vintage is that it can be cheaper than we think. Surely someone in your family keeps an old piece of furniture somewhere, well, if so, don’t hesitate to go for it and offer it a better life with some restoration touches, such as reupholstering it with more current fabrics while preserving the structure.

If you can’t rescue any family furniture, you can also find unique pieces at a good price in antique dealers. In addition, the markets and flea markets are perfect places to find this type of pieces, an example of this is the flea market in Madrid or “Els enchants vells” in Barcelona as well as the small shops that you can find in some streets of these two cities. If you are one of those who like to buy from home, don’t miss out on all the furniture that Portobello street offers you in its virtual catalog.

Transfer the vintage to other elements of the home

Not only can we create a very chic atmosphere by mixing antique furniture with the most avant-garde, but we can also play with other decoration elements such as lamps, vases, rugs, kitchenware, etc. Take a look at what Babia offers you.

A very flattering detail for this type of environment is to put papers on the walls inspired by the seventies. The papeldelos70 website is possibly one of the sites where there is a greater offer and variety of them. Take a look at them and you’ll be amazed at how you can change an environment with a single gesture.

Without a doubt, our apartment can be beautiful very easily in an eclectic way, on the way between the past and the future, between the barrack and the avant-garde, between the modern and the old, between yesterday and today.