Removing jam stains from clothes: the simplest tricks

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Removing jam stains from clothes: the simplest tricks

You are having a delicious breakfast at the bar with your best friend, you are about to have toast with jam and, suddenly, what a disaster! She slips out of your hands and the jam ends up on the white blouse you’re wearing, leaving a tremendous stain. Do not panic, removing jam stains from clothes is possible thanks to the simplest tricks that we are going to give you. Grab paper and pencil let’s get started.

Home tricks to remove jam stains from clothes

Jam stains fall into the category of difficult if they have dried, otherwise we can say that they are just ordinary stains. One way or another, thanks to the home remedies that we bring you, getting rid of marmalade stains will be easier than ever. Remember to always read the label of the garment to know the specific fabric it has and if you have to wash it with cold or warm water.

Fresh jam stains, how can I fix the mess?

If you are at home or somewhere where you can take off the garment that has gotten dirty, you will already have half the job done. First of all, remove the excess jam from the garment in question with a spoon. Of course, do it very carefully so as not to extend it more.

Next, moisten the garment with warm water and put a little lemon juice on the stain to be treated. Let it act for a few minutes, rinse this time under lukewarm water and wash in the washing machine along with the rest of the laundry. You will see that your favorite blouse looks like new.

Liquid detergent to remove dried jam stains

If the stain has dried, something that can happen to all of us, try liquid detergent, the same one you use to do your laundry . This remedy is also ideal for conventional clothes that do not need special care. Moisten the garment, add a little liquid detergent, rub gently until it foams and let it rest as is for a few minutes.

Then wash by hand and make sure the stain is almost completely out. Now you only have to put it in the washing machine as we have done in the previous example. Problem solved! If you don’t have liquid detergent on hand, you can use a little hand soap. Just let it work for a few more minutes to take effect. If you have the option, let it dry in the sun.

A mix of baking soda and water, it works!

You already know that we are fond of using baking soda, and it is an effective remedy that also does not damage clothes at all. To treat jam stains, make a mixture of three-quarters water to one quarter of baking soda. If you had forgotten about the stain and it has already dried out a lot, you can add a pinch of hand soap to that same mixture.

Next, submerge the garment in said mixture and let it rest for a few hours. After that time you will have to remove the garment, rinse with warm water and finish washing in the washing machine on the appropriate schedule. Have you seen how easy and how practical?

Grease remover spray to remove stubborn jam stains

If the jam stain has dried out too much, is very thick or is on a denim fabric , we advise you to try a little grease remover spray, the same one you have in the kitchen for cleaning. Of course, before using it, make sure that it is suitable for clothes, you will not want an even bigger mess. Let the grease remover do its job for a few minutes, then rinse with water and wash the rest of the laundry together.