Remove paint stains from clothes: Tricks that will save your clothes

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Remove paint stains from clothes: Tricks that will save your clothes

I’m sure it’s happened to you more than once. You are painting a room in your house the color you like the most, and suddenly, you realize that you are also painting your clothes. How awful! The only thing you can think of to solve it is to put the garment in the washing machine, but no matter how much you clean it, the stain is still there.

And now that? Before throwing away your clothes, you should try to solve the problem in the best possible way. And it is that, believe it or not, there are some remedies or tricks that will save your clothes and with which we assure you that you will remove paint stains from clothes. Of course, you must take into account the type of paint you have used, and some tips that never hurt to know. Prepared @? Let’s start!

Tips for removing paint stains from clothes

Before starting to remove those fatal paint stains from your favorite clothes, you should carefully read some tips that will help you for other occasions. In addition, we recommend that when you go to work with paint, whatever it is, you use old clothes, or that you are no longer going to use in your day to day to prevent the subsequent moment of panic that we all get when we see a stain. hard to remove. 

– When you stain clothes with paint , do not let too much time pass to remove the mess . Remember not to put the garment in the washing machine directly, because this way you will only make the situation worse.

– Look carefully at the labels of the garment that has been stained. In this way, you will be able to know which products you can use, and which ones will be left in the background because they could spoil your entire garment… And we don’t want that! 

– And in addition to reviewing the label, keep in mind the recommendations that you will find in the same paint can. In some cases, it is precisely these labels that give you the perfect solution for washing your clothes.

What kind of paint has stained your clothes?

Not all paints are the same. It all depends on the surface you are painting, how you are working with it and, above all, its composition. We can distinguish between several types, and once you have identified the type you have used, it will only be necessary to know how to clean the stain.

Oil based paint

Oil-based paint is one that is usually used to paint surfaces that are outdoors. Its composition also allows it to be very resistant to the passage of time, which is why it is usually one of the most used. 

Water-based paint

Water-based paint, unlike the previous one, is normally used for surfaces found indoors . It has the advantage that it dries much faster, however it is considerably less resistant. 

Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is the best known, because it is the most used in schools . It is a type of paint that is halfway between water and oil. When it dries, a thin layer of plastic is formed, which makes it much more difficult to remove these stains. 

Is the paint dry or wet?

The most normal thing is that you find yourself with a dry paint stain, because you will not have had time to treat it when it was wet. In these cases, it is best to scrape a little carefully so as not to damage your clothes, and apply some of the advice that we are going to give you below.

In the event that the paint is wet, it would be worth it with a little water , detergent and even with the help of a toothbrush. 

How to remove oil-based paint stains

Oil-based paint stains are the most difficult to remove. Moreover, there are many people who consider it impossible before considering saving a garment, especially since it is a type of paint that adheres very easily and removing it can give you more than one headache.

The first product you should have to remove these types of stains is a solvent or paint thinner, which you can find in any store. However, the best and least harmful for your wardrobe is white spirit . Remember that you must work with this product carefully, as it is quite toxic.

Steps to follow

1 Place the garment on top of a cloth or sponge

2 Apply the turpentine directly on the stain , and carefully moisten the area to allow it to soften.

3 After waiting a few minutes, carefully scrape the stain with the help of a spoon or knife so that it does not spread too much.

4 Use absorbent paper to remove the remains of turpentine

5 Wash the garment with detergent and water. If you see that there are still remains, you can leave it to soak for a few hours and then put it in the washing machine.

6 Let the garment dry in the sun after washing it. And ready!

How to remove water-based paint stains

Water-based paint stains are very easy to remove, so it will be very easy for you to get rid of them. You just have to have a little patience, and repeat the process as many times as necessary until your garment looks great. ready? _

Steps to follow

1 Mix equal parts water and dishwasher detergent.

2 Protect the garment so that the stain does not spread with a cloth or absorbent paper under the fabric

3 Apply the mixture on top of the stain but from behind, that is, from the back of the garment.

4 With the help of a toothbrush rub the stain well. This way it will come off more easily.

5 Wash the clothes with the program you normally use , and you will get your perfect garment, as if it had never been stained.

How to remove acrylic paint stains

Finally, you should know some essential methods to remove acrylic paint stains from your clothes, especially if you have children at home . As we have pointed out before, a wet stain is not the same as a dry one. In the event that it has dried, you can carry out several methods to forget about stains forever, although here we tell you the two most effective. 

Method 1: With isopropyl alcohol

1 Scrape the paint stain a little with the knife, and remove the remains with the help of a damp cloth

2 Apply the isopropyl alcohol directly on the stain, with a good stream so that it soaks well. Leave on for a few minutes

3 Scrape the stain again with the help of your nails, a coin or a spoon to remove all the remains that have remained

4 Put the garment in the washing machine so that the stain is completely removed.

Method 2: Ammonia and Vinegar

1 Put the garment in a bucket or basin with cold water so that it soaks well, especially the area that is stained. 

2 Mix a little ammonia with vinegar and salt in a cup to apply to the stain later. 

3 Drain the garment well before treating it to eliminate all the excess water that it has acquired after being submerged in the basin

4 Help yourself with a rag or a sponge to remove the paint stain with the mixture you have prepared. Rub well, from top to bottom, to make sure the stain is completely removed.

5 Wash the garment again in the basin with cold water, and put it in the washing machine with the program you normally use.