Remove grass or grass stains from clothes: tricks you don't know

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Remove grass or grass stains from clothes: tricks you don't know

It has happened to all of us more than once: you are in the countryside enjoying a day outdoors, and when you come home you have grass on your jeans. Or you are in the park playing ball with the little ones, and more than one of them ends up with grass stains on their clothes. But do not worry! There are a number of simple and effective home remedies that you can implement to remove grass or grass stains from clothing . We tell you all the tricks you don’t know

Tips to remove grass stains from clothes

Read all the tips that we detail and choose the one that will work best for you depending on whether the grass stain is more or less recent, or has been embedded in the garment for a couple of days. You should also take into account the fabric of your clothes. Shall we start? 

Alcohol and water solution to remove grass stains, it works!

This home remedy is very effective against recent stains. Prepare a mixture in a glass in which three quarters are hot water and the other is alcohol. Next, spread directly on the stain to be treated, let it act for at least 20 minutes and remove the remains under a stream of warm water. Then wash in the washing machine as you always do.

Another great option is to submerge the garment in isopropyl alcohol since it is the most suitable for removing the green color left by grass stains. Take a sponge and put a little isopropyl alcohol, dab on the stain and let it take effect for about ten minutes. Now you only have to wash as always following the instructions of the penda.

Baking soda, your great ally in cleaning

Baking soda is very helpful in cleaning , and you should know that it is also ideal for removing the remains of grass adhered to clothing. You must mix water and baking soda in a basin, apply directly to the stain and follow the steps that we have told you in the previous point. That is, let it act for a few minutes, remove with warm water and wash along with the rest of the laundry.

If the stain is a bit stubborn, after applying the baking soda and water mixture, gently scrub with a brush. You will see how the dirt comes off little by little. 

White vinegar and water, simple and effective!

When it comes to removing a grass stain from your clothes you have two options. Either put the white vinegar directly on the stain, or make a mixture with water and vinegar, and apply on the stain. The first case is perfect for normal clothes, while the second is better for delicate garments. 

In both cases you will have to wait a bit for it to take effect (five or ten minutes) and then rinse with plenty of water and finish washing in a washing machine. Have you seen how quickly the laundry mess is solved?

How to wash the garment if it is white cotton?

White cotton clothes fall into the group of delicate garments. The reason? If you don’t treat it right, yellowish spots can appear right away. So the best thing, even if it takes longer, is to change the temperature clothing. 

To do this, put it in a basin with cold water and let it soak for two to three hours, then wash in hot water with a little hand soap or liquid detergent. To finish, add a pinch of bleach and rinse again, if possible let the garment dry in the sun. You will see what a good result it gives you!