Remove deodorant stains from clothes (quick and efficient tricks)

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Remove deodorant stains from clothes (quick and efficient tricks)

Surely this is not the first time this has happened to you too: you go out, you put on a black dress and, as you are in a hurry and you didn’t realize it, you put on deodorant before putting on your dress. What happen? Well, since it hasn’t dried completely, it leaves you with an ugly whitish stain that ends up spoiling the whole. A stain that is also difficult to remove.

And surely it has also happened to you to discover a yellowish or sweat stain due to deodorant and the passage of time on that blouse that you like so much. That is why we bring you some quick and efficient tricks to remove deodorant stains from clothes. Do not lose detail because they are very simple remedies that will make your look look perfect. Let’s start! 

How to prevent deodorant from ending up on your clothes

We all know that the most effective thing is to be careful and try to avoid deodorant residues ending up on clothes as much as possible, so for this we will have to…

Put on the black clothes first and then carefully the deodorant.

Put on the deodorant before the clothes but wait a while for it to dry well so that it does not leave a trace.

Opt for a deodorant that never stains clothes, why not try it?

Moisturize and take care of our underarm skin always. Yes, we know, this is not valid for removing/avoiding stains, but we still had to remember it.

Do not pass the iron under any circumstances until the stain has come out, otherwise the only thing you will achieve is to fix it even more.

But if all the deodorant stains end up on our clothes, you should remove them. Especially if it is a favorite garment, or a delicate one, or it is a yellowish sweat stain that is difficult to remove conventionally. Check out these tricks! 

Tips for removing deodorant stains from clothes

Deodorant stains aren’t all that hard to remove, like coffee or ballpoint ink stains can be, but they are the most inconvenient. That is to say, your clothes get stained just when you are going to leave home and you don’t have time to clean up the mess… And even less to open the closet and find an alternative style.

What can we do? Don’t worry! Here you have the complete manual to remove deodorant stains from clothes quickly and effectively, and forget about them once and for all. Your clothes will shine like the first day! 

Vinegar and water mixture to treat colored clothing

This is one of the most effective remedies to save colored garments, wool or natural torches. Be careful, do not do it if the clothes are white or beige because the vinegar could leave a yellowish one instead of the deodorant stain, and it is not our goal at all. 

The first thing you should do is prepare a mixture of three quarters of water for one of vinegar (the same one you use for salads). Then we submerge the garment in question and leave it there for a few hours, overnight if possible. Once this time has passed, it is time to rinse with plenty of water and, finally, wash in the washing machine together with the rest of the laundry. Your garment will be like new! 

My blouse has just been stained with deodorant, what can I do?

Very simple, since it is a recent stain, all you have to do is go to the kitchen, take half a lemon and squeeze the juice directly on the stained area. Wait about 5 or 10 minutes nothing more and finish washing with warm water. You can let it dry or take advantage of it to wash it completely in the washing machine as you normally do. Have you seen how easy and fast? It is also very effective! You know, from now on always have lemons in the kitchen.

But if it just so happens that you get spots and you don’t have lemons , there is no need to panic. If you want to save the garment and not let the deodorant get embedded, instead of lemon put a little hand soap or liquid laundry detergent. It works just as well. 

Sea salt to remove embedded deodorant stains

Sea salt is one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of stains that have already dried, even those that have been on the garment for a few days (we all get lost and forget to wash the garment the same day). To do it right, you will have to moisten the area of ​​the garment where the hateful deodorant stain is, and then put a layer of sea salt and leave it to act for a few hours. The most comfortable thing is to leave it overnight and, the next day, continue with the process. 

Then you must remove the excess salt, moisten the garment again, and put another little bit of salt. But this time, instead of waiting a few hours, you’re going to rub some with the back of the spoon. Next, remove the salt and rinse under the tap checking if the garment needs cold, warm or hot water. Finish washing in the washing machine with the appropriate program. As you can see, it is a remedy that takes time to do , but it is to save a garment that already had a stain of this type for several days, so it is worth it, don’t you think?

Baking soda to remove stains 

Shall we make a list with all the uses of baking soda? They are quite a few and we have given them, right? And to all of them we must add that of removing deodorant stains from clothes. To do this, prepare warm water in a bowl and add a little baking soda to submerge the garment for a long time. 

Then rinse with warm water and wash in the washing machine on the program you always use. If it is an old or very resistant stain due to the fabric of the garment, add a little hand soap or liquid laundry detergent and a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to this mixture. Problem solved!

Ammonia, a powerful cleaner to remove stubborn deodorant stains

Ammonia is an excellent product that also has the properties of a good cleaning product. For this reason, you can use it to remove deodorant stains of any type, especially those that have become embedded or are traces of deodorant and sweat that seem hopeless. 

You just have to mix a small amount of ammonia with a good splash of warm water. Then, apply the solution that you have prepared directly on the stain that you are going to remove. Let it act for 5 or 10 minutes, rinse with plenty of warm water and finish washing in the washing machine on the usual program.