Remove coffee or tea stains from clothes: remedies that you did not know

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Remove coffee or tea stains from clothes: remedies that you did not know

Any day in the morning you get out of bed half asleep to go to work, or to go to class or, in general, to do your daily tasks. You prepare a good coffee to face the day in the best possible way but, suddenly, horror! You stain your favorite shirt.

Don’t worry, it’s happened to all of us at some point. In those moments you don’t know very well what to do, and the most recurrent thing is to change clothes directly before going out the door. What to do with that stain? Will you have to get rid of your shirt forever? We tell you that it will not be necessary.

Removing coffee or tea stains from clothes is easier than it seems, and you just need to follow a series of remedies that you didn’t know about. Also, before taking the garments to the dry cleaner, you can carry out the process with your own hands and in your own home. Sounds good right? Let’s start!

Tips to remove coffee or tea stains

Before starting to explain the processes, we must remind you of some indications that you should follow if you do not want your shirt to be damaged forever. We recommend that you follow all the steps correctly so that your clothes do not look too damaged.

– Read the instructions of the products you are going to use, especially if they are some that are too toxic. In these cases, you must protect your hands and your nose from any danger.

-You should also read the label of the garment that has been stained . In general, they contain the instructions that you must follow to wash it, and the products that you should never pour on it.

– Do not let too much time pass to wash your shirt. There are some cases in which the lack of time prevents you from taking care of it, but as soon as you get back home try to remedy the disaster.

– Remember that you should not directly put the garment in the washing machine. In this way, you will achieve absolutely nothing because the stain will still be there, in the same place it was. Try to treat it before washing it normally.

How is the coffee or tea stain?

And before choosing any procedure, you must distinguish what the coffee or tea stain you have on your shirt, t-shirt or garment is like. Did you just do it and have time to remove it? Or is it already too dry? In both cases, you must use different processes.

A recent stain

If you just got a coffee and tea stain on your shirt and have plenty of time to deal with it, you need to act fast so it doesn’t stick to the fabric too much. The first thing you have to do is use absorbent paper or wipes, and press on it.

Afterward, you can run the stain directly under water to soften the stain so that it can be rinsed off. Use a little soap to remove it easily, although you could also use an ice cube and rub the area very carefully so that it does not spread.

A dry spot

But in most cases, the most normal thing is that the coffee or tea stain dries and we cannot wear the garment we wanted. In these situations, it is best to start a process before putting the piece in the washing machine, and in this way forget about stains forever.

There are numerous procedures, such as hydrogen peroxide, beer or vinegar… You just have to decide which one best suits your clothes, and start the steps to follow. 

8 ways to remove coffee or tea stains from clothes

As we said, the steps that we are going to explain below are only valid for those stains that are dry, or that have been on the clothes for a long time. They are all quite simple, so you will not have any problem when carrying them out.

1 With white vinegar

Vinegar is, perhaps, one of the most effective home or natural remedies to remove stains. It is a great ally for cleaning the home, as well as being used for cooking. And it is almost certain that you will have it at home, so this may be the solution to all your problems.

You can apply the white vinegar directly on the stain, or mix it with a little water. Everything will depend on the fabric of the garment. Then let it act for approximately 10 minutes, and with the help of a cloth remove the remains. Wash the garment as you normally do, and that’s it!

2 With salt and lemon

And if it is almost certain that you have vinegar at home, the same goes for salt and lemon. These two products are ideal for removing stains from clothing (especially if it is white), not only from have coffee, but also from other foods or even sweated stains.

How to carry out this method? It is very simple! Mix a little lemon juice with salt, and pour on the stain. Then, with the help of a brush, rub the stain well to try to remove it . Remove the remains with plenty of water, and put the garment in the washing machine.

3 Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is also a well-known and effective remedy for removing stains from clothes, regardless of the product. To remove coffee or tea stains from your clothes, baking soda can be of great help. Pay a lot of attention!

The first thing you have to do is pour water directly on the stain, and then a little bit of baking soda. Spread well and leave to act for at least an hour. Rinse the remains that you have left, and put the garment in the washing machine.

4 Yolk

It may seem surprising, but in reality we assure you that the egg yolk works as a stain remover. It is a method used by many of our ancestors, when detergents did not yet exist. Do you want to learn how to use this procedure? Look look!

Place the stain on a flat surface, then separate the white from the yolk of the egg. Mix the yolk with a little water, and rub well on the stain. Then leave it to act for a few minutes, rinse the garment and let it dry before putting it in the washing machine.

5 Beer

Beer as a stain remover ? Yes, yes, as you read it! In addition to being one of the drinks that we like the most, it is also a great ally when it comes to removing coffee or tea stains from your clothes.

You just have to pour the beer directly on the stain and, with the help of a cloth or wipe, rub gently to remove it. If it’s a stain that isn’t too dry, it should be gone in a matter of minutes. But if it is too attached to the fabric, you should rub for a longer time.

6 Soda water

Sparkling water is a very effective remedy for removing coffee stains, especially if they are recent, although it is also valid for those that are dry. You just have to apply a large amount of the product directly on the stain so that it begins to soften and does not stick too much to the fabric of the garment in question.

Then rub a little with a clean paper, towel or cloth. Let it act for a few minutes, and put the garment in the washing machine with the program you usually use.

7 Peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide on stains is also a great option if you want to say goodbye to them definitively. Of course, you have to be a little careful if it is colored clothes since hydrogen peroxide is a great bleach. If you don’t want it to lose its hue, don’t apply too much product.

Apply the hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain, and try not to spread it too much. Then, with the help of a cotton ball or a washcloth, gently rub the stain to remove it. Let it act for a few minutes (at least 15) and wash the garment in the washing machine or by hand.

8 With detergent or dishwasher

Typical dishwashing detergent is also quite effective at removing stains, especially those that aren’t too attached to the fabric of your clothes. Put a little of the detergent on the stain, rub with a little water and a washcloth, and wash the garment as usual. It will be like new!