Redecorate your home making the most of every corner of the house

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Redecorate your home making the most of every corner of the house

Whether your house is bigger or smaller, you always think that there is a lack of space, that you have nowhere to put things and that you would need more cabinets, drawers or shelves to avoid that, as they say, “everything is lying around” .

To solve this lack of space you don’t have to move to a bigger house or have your cabinets bursting at the seams, you just have to know how to make the most of every corner of your home.

And in addition to using totally wasted spaces in your home, the household items market today offers you some practical, original and cheap utensils that will make your day-to-day life much easier.

You can start with the clothes closet or the kitchen drawers, going through the hall and even the children’s room, that “lawless” room! Surely there is something you can improve and prepare so that order is definitely installed at home… and forever!

Without a proper bedroom, you do not rest properly

We spend a lot of time in the bedroom, perhaps more than any other room in the house. Better or worse sleep will depend on how you feel in your bedroom. For your well-being, study your bedroom, observe what keeps you up at night and find a way to change it and adapt it to your liking, taking advantage of every meter.

Make the most of the space under the bed, surely you can store fabrics, cushions, clothes from another season… there are many models of drawers and boxes of different sizes and colors that can give a special touch to your bedroom and form part of of decoration.

If not, you can always choose to put a canapé. Dual use, functionality today is essential, you have to look for furniture that has more than one function. For example, that they may have drawers but at the same time be an armchair.

The children’s room, the “lawless” room

The children’s room, as well as the game room, are the most disastrous place in the house. The smallest of the family are not aware that tidying up and having everything in order is essential to avoid stress, anxiety and rest well at night sleeping.

For this reason, an essential rule is to clean annually, you should not store unnecessary objects or clothes that have outgrown.

We must teach our children to organize their room and, as we have done with other bedrooms, chests of drawers can be the key to order. If your little one knows that when he finishes playing he has to put the toys in the box under the bed, his room will always be “inhabitable”.

A fitted kitchen gives an image of cleanliness

To take advantage of the kitchen, to become an orderly and clean room , it is not necessary that you make large investments, much less that you do reforms or works.

Look at your kitchen and think about where you can place the crockery, cutlery, cleaning products, etc., so that each thing has its space, they do not mix with each other and, what is more important, you know exactly where each thing is at all times . Always avoid, if you have small children, who may be in danger, so you must not forget to put dangerous products, as well as knives or any other sharp element, out of their reach.

The living room, common territory of the house

And finally, we enter the common territory of the house. It is necessary to make it very clear to children and adults that everything has its place in the room.

If the remote control has a certain place to rest, surely we do not have to look for it under the sofa and if the newspaper and magazines have their bookcase, surely we do not have to dive between the cushions either.

You have to ensure that each object has its area, so you will save time and have more facilities when searching for, and finding, each thing, being able to dedicate more time to yourself.