Protect your child against the dangers and obstacles of the home

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Protect your child against the dangers and obstacles of the home

In a home with children, it is better to equip the house with products that provide safety and thus avoid, if not all, at least some of the domestic accidents that may occur.

Your children will be able to play freely and you will breathe easier.

There is a wide range of items on the market that will make your life much easier and carefree.

However, it is necessary to avoid by all means that children are left alone at home, there must always be a responsible person in charge. And it is already known that with children at home, all care is little.

Prevent slips in the bathroom

To avoid unnecessary accidents in the bathroom, place a mat inside the bathtub. They are usually made of plastic or natural rubber and come in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

This will reduce the risk of slipping in the bath or shower. The suction cups prevent them from moving and accidents from occurring. They are cheap and there are different forms such as little fish, ducks, which amuse children while keeping them safe.

And it is just as important to avoid slipping in the bathtub as in the rest of the house. If you have stairs or particularly dangerous areas in your home, place some non-slip rolls.

They are plastic rolls that are fixed with a tape, they can be cut to the length you need (they are usually sold in rolls of 5 meters or more in hardware stores or department stores) and serve as a stop, their function is that the child holds better to the ground and, at a given moment, they can slow you down and prevent you from falling.

Security gates

Security gates are a star product when it comes to security. This invention made up of bars is a brilliant idea to protect your child from dangerous stairs or particularly disastrous rooms such as a warehouse, the storage room…

The fence can be opened to both sides and placed on the right or left, the Fittings can normally be rotated inside or outside the structure, to adapt to any type of opening .

This invention can be found in wood or polypropylene plastic, there are different colors and higher or lower although the standard measurement is about 75 cm. The fastening hardware will be chosen according to the type of wall, once you choose the place where it is going to be placed, you have to take into account the hardware that works best.

This product is recommended for ages up to 24 months. It is suitable for doors and stairs but should never be used on windows.

Corner and plug protectors

And just as important, useful and safe are the corner and socket protectors . The main advantage of corner protectors is to reduce the risk of your child getting hit. It is very easy to assemble, as simple as gluing it. Of course, let it fix to the surface for 24 hours without weighing it down and thus maximum hold will be achieved.

Just like more than one disappointment, plug protectors can avoid you. Mainly it is about avoiding the risk that the child puts his fingers in it or inserts an object into the plug and can suffer a shock. These gadgets are usually polypropylene plastic and can be used in grounded or ungrounded outlets.

Keep the kitchen from being a dangerous place

The kitchen protector is a very interesting object when it comes to achieving security at home, especially in the kitchen, the main area that causes accidents.

Reduces the risk of children getting burned by hot pots and pans or burning their fingers on the hot plate.

It is very easy to install, it goes between the countertop and the kitchen plate, it can be folded against the wall and thus cleaning will be more comfortable. It also has an adjustable width that adapts to each type of kitchen.