Practical methods to clean your house: avoid the terrible marathons

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Practical methods to clean your house: avoid the terrible marathons

Very few people like to clean their house. Normally it is a task that gives a lot, a lot of laziness, and that we usually leave for the end of the week. But this has a tremendous drawback: we spend a good part of Saturday or Sunday cleaning instead of enjoying the free time we can have. 

For this reason, we have spoken with the professional organizer Leticia PĂ©rez, who has taught us some practical methods to clean your house, such as an ‘express cleaning’ that you can do every day. Do you dare to avoid the terrible cleaning marathons? Look look! 

How to organize your home cleaning 

When you are not passionate about cleaning, you have to create a good system and good cleaning planning so as not to waste a lot of time cleaning. To do this, Leticia recommends us to use a domestic diary. What is it for? Simply in it we can plan a cleaning on an annual, monthly, weekly and daily basis. In this way we will be able to do a little each day and we will avoid the horrible cleaning marathons that we talked about at the beginning of the article. 

On the other hand, we will enjoy holidays with our family, friends, and partner or with ourselves, because if we are living here it is because we have time. So, as the specialist tells us, we should not waste it cleaning. 

What then does the planning of household chores consist of ? As we mentioned, you should make a domestic diary in which you write down your tasks, according to your own needs or your available time, to: 

Daily cleaning: if you manage to carry out a series of tasks every day, little by little it will become a habit and you will make your home look clean and very welcoming. These tasks, as Leticia rightly comments in her book, will not take you more than 20 minutes a day. 

Weekly cleaning: these types of tasks are also very integrated into the previous ones, since one day of the week one of them will be done together with the daily cleaning. For example, every Monday you can put the washing machine for sheets and towels. 

Monthly cleaning: these are those tasks that may cost you a little more to remember but that, after all, must be carried out. For example, cleaning lamps, pictures, cleaning the oven or microwave… That is, everything that will take you a little more time. These tasks are also integrated into one day a month within the daily cleaning tasks. 

All these tasks will be integrated into your personal planner, since each person must find the method that best suits their needs. Of course, do not worry if one day you cannot carry out your tasks because some unforeseen event has arisen. In addition, it is also important to delegate tasks if you live with more people in your house , with your partner, with your children… All family members must contribute their grain of sand so that your house is in perfect condition. 

What does the express daily cleaning of your house consist of?

Leticia tells us that express daily cleaning is the key to success so that your house is kept as clean and tidy as possible. If your house is very clean but very messy, it will give the feeling that it is dirty. But if your house is not like the spouts of gold but everything is tidy, it will look like the cleanest house in the world.

These are small tasks that at first may seem like a world, but once we have systematized them, it will take only a few minutes to carry them out. And what tasks are they? According to the book of our favorite organizer, we can find ourselves with several tasks:

Ventilate the house and let the beds air out . Once you’ve had breakfast or done your exercise routine, make the beds . If you have children, Leticia’s recommendation is that you teach them to make their own beds from an early age, as well as to order and organize their toys.

Express cleaning of the bathroom: get a bathroom cleaner and always leave it in this room of the house, so it will be easier to take it directly and throw it in the toilet, in the sink… You can also clean the mirrors and, once it has taken effect the cleaner, pass a cloth through the toilet and the sink. 

Express cleaning of the kitchen: the ideal is that you clean the countertop every time you cook or every time you see that it has become dirty. Also, you must remember that it is not highly recommended to leave dirty dishes for a long time.

General order: a premise that everyone should carry out is that, when you take something, then you put it back in its place. It is a good way for the house to be properly organized. In addition, Leticia recommends in this daily express cleaning to vacuum the house to avoid the accumulation of lint and dust on the floor. 

The organization specialist, in addition to all these tips, recommends that we practice ‘mindful cleaning’, that is, conscious cleaning. Concentrate on cleaning as quickly as possible and without any distractions, such as mobile phones or television.