Party decoration ideas

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Party decoration ideas

The decoration of the party will depend on the reason for it, so we must apply the ideas that we present to you, adapting them to each situation. There are colors for tastes!

The furniture

The chairs and in general all the furniture can be adapted to the party by adding color. We can use adhesive tape so that the legs of the tables or chairs become one more streamer. And these can hang from the ceiling adding color to the environment.

The walls

Collages are a wonderful resource. With the photographs that we want, we can form from the number of years that the person is turning, to his name or his face. It depends on the desire and the time we have. The collage can occupy a free wall in the room, always ensuring that we have perspective.


We can modernize the traditional chains using, for example, spheres of aluminum foil or expanded polystyrene. The latter can be painted with water-based paints and colors in keeping with the rest of the decoration or using strong tones of primary colors.

The lighting 

To play with lighting in a simple way, we can apply a touch of color to the bulbs with glass paint or bulb lacquer if they are incandescent.

Power regulators are easy to install and allow us to modify the ambient light and better focus on the specific decoration of the party. Let’s take the opportunity to show off.