How to remove the musty smell from home: 5 effective home remedies

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How to remove the musty smell from home: 5 effective home remedies

You may have been noticing it for a while or it may have appeared from one day to the next, but when the humidity reaches your house, it is difficult to get rid of it. The first step you need to consider is why this has happened. Finding the cause of the problem will help us not to fall into it again in the future.

Secondly, you must be clear about how to avoid it. Maintaining good ventilation is essential (although in winter it becomes a little more difficult) and taking advantage of natural light as well. Opening the windows for five minutes every day may be more effective than opening it for half an hour one day a week. But beware! Because keeping them open for too long can be counterproductive and, in addition, it will make us spend a lot of energy on heating.

Along with this, it is necessary to know how we can eliminate the musty smell of our house. That characteristic smell that is due to the presence of mold is complicated but not impossible to eradicate. How to remove musty smell from home? These 5 effective home remedies will help you

5 home remedies to eliminate the musty smell

1 Active carbon

One of the natural elements that can help us eliminate the musty smell of our house is coal. But the charcoal that we can use for barbecues will not work, it must be normal charcoal.

The charcoal will absorb these bad odors simply by placing it near the source of the odor. It will suffice to put it in a deep plate, although you can also make cloth-lined bags that will not attract the attention of anyone who passes by the house, and will allow you to have them for days without worry.

2 Ventilation

The most effective way to eliminate the musty smell of a house (and the one that has been done all our lives) is to ventilate well on sunny and airy days . Be careful, it won’t do much good if it rains outside or there is a lot of humidity. Try to take advantage of the days of clarity. For this we will try to make current with the windows open and curtains withdrawn so that we also take advantage of the maximum natural light.

Humidity, poor ventilation and darkness are the three factors that favor the presence of mold, so it is important to avoid them at all costs or remedy them when we have them present.

3 Baking soda

Another alternative that will help you with moisture removal is to use a neutralizer like baking soda. This option is very similar to the carbon option. We must put 3 or 4 tablespoons of bicarbonate near the area or in the room where we notice humidity and remove it when it has disappeared. The option to do it can be on the ground, on plates, glasses or in cloth bags.

4 Vinegar and lemon

Surely you have heard this mixture more than once when it comes to floor and home cleaning. And it is very effective for all of this. The formula consists of mixing equal parts vinegar and lemon and adding a little water. Thanks to their acidity, they will act on the areas of humidity, making it disappear completely and killing the fungi. You should leave it for at least 24 hours and then clean it.

5 Aromas

If you are a lover of smells, you will love this option. Scented candles and incense will help you get rid of all the musty smell in your house, as well as create a homey smell and warmth that, when you get it, you won’t want to trade for anything. In this case you only need to get the smells that you like the most. Tip: if you don’t get hold of strong scents, it will be more difficult for you to get tired of them.