Aid! How to remove pen and marker stains from clothes

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Aid! How to remove pen and marker stains from clothes

Whether at work making your to-do list for the day, or in the evening at home when doing homework with your child. The fact is that more than once that pants that you like so much or that blue blouse that you have so much affection for has been stained by the ink of a pen or worse still, by that of a marker.

If this is also your case, (it has happened to us more than once) you have come to the right place. Here you have the best and most effective homemade tricks to know how to remove pen and marker stains from clothes . Take good note that you can use them whenever you need them.

Tips to remove pen and marker stains from your clothes 

If it is a recent marker stain , first of all you must remove the excess ink with a little kitchen paper. Then, you just have to submerge the garment under a good stream of water, add soap, rub and finish washing in the washing machine. For pen or marker stains that have already dried , you will have to use one of the tricks that we detail below:

Hot milk to remove stains, it works!

Perhaps this remedy to remove ink stains from clothes seems a bit crazy to you, but when you try it and see how well it works, you will always have it at hand to fix these disasters. Prepare a basin and put a little hot milk, enough so that you can completely submerge the area of ​​the garment that has been stained.

All that remains is to put the garment in the basin and leave it as it is all night. When you get up in the morning, before washing your clothes in the washing machine, do a little test to see if the stain has come out by rubbing with a dry cloth. If you see that it does not go away, put a little more hot milk and leave it to act for a few more hours. Then rinse with water and wash in the washing machine with the usual laundry.

Lacquer, another home remedy to get rid of ink stains

Try the following remedy, it is perfect for erasing marker stains that have already dried . Apply a good jet of hairspray (it can be the same one you use to fix your hair) directly on the stain to be treated. Wait about 30 minutes, slightly less if the clothes are made of a very delicate fabric, and once this time has elapsed, wash by hand with soap and water. If you want you can wash the garment again in the washing machine to make sure that there are no remains. Easy and most effective.

Warm water, soap and ethyl alcohol

This trick is ideal for removing any ink stain from any garment, regardless of how deep it is and how long it has been on the garment in question. Just remember to put a few drops of ethyl alcohol if the fabric of, for example, your blouse, is very delicate. The remedy is done as follows: put a mixture of water, soap (hand soap, for example) and a little ethyl alcohol in a large bowl. Submerge the garment and let it act for a few minutes.

After this time you will see that the stain has begun to disappear. For it to do it completely, you will most likely need to wash the clothes in the washing machine on the program that the clothes require. Problem solved!