How to easily remove hateful glue stains from clothes

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How to easily remove hateful glue stains from clothes

You are in the office doing reports and you need the glue stick, but it is just when you are going to use it that it slips out of your hands, you try to catch it on the fly and, of course, everything ends in disaster. The glue has rolled down that white blouse that you like so much, leaving a sticky and unpleasant trail.

Wait, we still have another example, you are at home doing crafts with your son and suddenly, when using glue, it splashes on you and leaves a good stain on your jeans. No matter what your case may have been, if you are reading this it is because you need some advice on how to easily remove those hateful glue stains from clothes. Here you have them! 

Tricks to remove glue stains from clothes

Say goodbye forever to that glue stain on your favorite garment and say hello to these home remedies that will get you out of more than one. Let’s start!

Nail polish remover to remove glue stains

First of all, you need to let the glue stain dry completely. Then, use a nail polish remover, better if it is acetone, and apply a little directly on the stain. Next, you will have to wait for it to take effect, a few minutes will be enough. If you see that the glue is thick, you can use a nail file to scrape the surface a little, but be careful not to damage the fabric of your clothes. Once you have done all these steps, all that remains is to wash the garment in question in the washing machine on a long program so that the dirt comes out completely.

Lemon juice to remove glue stains, it works!

This home remedy is easy to use and very useful for removing glue stains from any garment. Squeeze the juice of a lemon (half if it is large) in a bowl, take a brush and spread it over the stain to be treated. Let it act for 15 minutes or so, put a pinch of salt in the lemon juice that you have left over and reapply it to the garment as you did before. Leave as is for another 10 or 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and finish washing with the rest of the laundry. You will see that there is no trace of the glue left.

White vinegar and water, another remedy to always have on hand

As you already know, vinegar is a powerful disinfectant and degreaser, but it turns out that it is also very effective as a cleaner. Put a little vinegar directly on the area of ​​the garment you want to clean. If you see that it is a difficult stain or that it has been going on for several days, we advise you to put a little acetone first to soften it, as long as the garment is not very delicate. But if you are not sure, do a test before spreading a pinch of acetone in an area of ​​​​the clothing that is not visible.

Once you have checked it, all you have to do is put a simple mixture of white vinegar and water on top of the glue-stained garment. Then let it sit for about twenty-five minutes for it to take effect, rub with a dry cloth to see if the stain comes out (if not, let it act a little longer) and wash in the washing machine on the appropriate programmer.

What do I do if my clothes have been stained with DIY glue?

Don’t worry, there is also a solution. Here the key is to put the garment in a plastic bag and put it in  the freezer. It is about the glue freezing to be able to remove it easily with one of the remedies that we have told you before.