Host your own 80's party

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Host your own 80's party

Would you like to get out of the routine for a weekend and propose a special plan to your friends, one of those that they don’t forget? Taking advantage of the fact that the fashion and style of the 80s are coming back to the present day, why not organize a party for friends where you can fill your house with colors, parties, optimism and music ?

An eighties party will guarantee a night of fun and good times to remember. If the idea excites you, let’s get to work! The first thing to do is convert the living room of your house into a space with a retro air.

Eighties decoration

An original decoration will guarantee the success of the party. Living rooms with an eighties vibe are the latest trend in ‘living’ today, so it will be easy for you to find a typical (and cheap) table lamp or rug from those memorable years.

For yours to be a true eighties party, you have to fill the environment with light and color with, for example, luminous mirror lamps, like the ones that shed light on John Travolta while he danced in ‘Saturday Night Fever’, fun garlands that hang of the boxes or doors and many balloons of neon colors (fuchsia, kiwi, orange) that are left floating in the air or tied in groups of four to the corners or columns of the room.

The walls will also need to dress up for a party, in fact, they would be authentic with posters of great films of that time , such as ‘Flashdance’, ‘Back to the Future’, ‘ET’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Out of Africa’… Another idea, for those who do not have complexes, is to stick a photo of yourself or a guest friend who belongs to that era to which you pay homage in the living room or on the door. The laughs will be guaranteed! And of course, don’t miss the confetti scattered on the table and the floor. Creating this retro atmosphere will transport you directly to the past.

Costumes and music

If you are about to start thinking about your big night, don’t forget to propose to your guests that they come dressed as eighties , with striking prints, shoulder pads, skinny pants, leggings, extra-volume hairstyles. You just have to look at the impossible looks of Madonna or Alaska from that time and voila! … And, of course, choose the songs that will play throughout the night: ‘Final Countdown’, by Europe; Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’; Eddie Grant’s ‘I Don’t Want to Dance’; David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’; ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’, by The Police… It will be an unforgettable party!