Home remedies (very effective) to eliminate mattress mites

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Home remedies (very effective) to eliminate mattress mites

The bed is a fundamental place in the house, and our rest and, therefore, our health depend on our mattress. It is important to take care of it and keep it in good condition, and this includes keeping any mites that may appear at bay. In fact, they are usually common in any home and accumulate more easily than we think. 

Mites can be a serious problem, as there are some that can cause different allergies in humans. In short, you have to know what exactly mites are to put a remedy as soon as possible. Therefore, we give you some home remedies to eliminate mattress mites

What are mites?

Do you know exactly what mites are? It is a subclass of arachnids of a small size that can be found in different places in the home, depending on its characteristics. They can be in the water, in the plants, in the animals, in the dust … And, above all, in the mattresses.

The main reason is that mites find in mattresses an ideal habitat to live and grow thanks to the depth of their filling. The humidity of the place, together with the heat, are key to making it an ideal place to reside. But so is food, as mites can feed on the scales of human skin. 

How can we eliminate mites?

There are different remedies to eliminate the mites that can be found in the mattress. Most of them are simple and useful, perfect to carry out as soon as you can. We tell you!

1 Use an anti-mite mattress and cover

Although this is not a remedy as such when they have appeared, it will help you avoid or delay their appearance. There are a large number of anti-mite mattresses and covers with treatments applied to their fabrics to prevent the appearance of this as well as fungi and bad odours.

2 Dust mite spray

The simplest and easiest solution to carry out to eliminate mites from the mattress is to apply an anti-mite spray . Where can you find it? Go to any supermarket, although as we will see below, you can also make it at home. 

3 Baking soda help

This is one of the cheapest solutions out there and it won’t take you long (yes, you’ll have to wait for it to take effect). To start applying this solution, you must first vacuum the mattress. Then, spread a good amount of baking soda through it with the help of a sieve and let it act for a whole day.

Baking soda is a perfect answer because in addition to helping you say goodbye to mites, it eliminates bad odors, absorbs moisture, kills microbes, helps with cleaning and is non-toxic, so if you have animals at home there will be no danger. When a day has passed, you will only have to vacuum the mattress very well to eliminate both the bicarbonate that you have added and the resulting dead mites.

4 Aromatic oils

In this case, to treat the mattress we will need a spacious place where the sun shines to be able to handle it easily and let our solution act. In the mixture that we will apply to the mattress we will mix anise, thyme, clove, lavender and fennel and put it in a spray bottle to spread it throughout the mattress. We let it act for 24 hours and, finally, we vacuum and clean well.

5 A vacuum cleaner with a micro filter

A vacuum cleaner removes surface dust on a daily basis. However, to remove most mites, a double-layer micro filter or high-efficiency particulate air filter is needed. Thus, you will have a great help to get rid of them.

Without a doubt, after having eliminated the mites from the mattress, it is essential to maintain the temperature and humidity of the room, as well as to clean the mattress. These accumulate in conditions of high temperatures and high humidity levels and can favor the appearance of allergies.

Ventilate for at least 10 minutes a day to prevent humidity from concentrating in the room (you can also help yourself with a dehumidifier). Also, wash curtains and sheets at least at 60 degrees and, lastly, don’t forget stuffed animals and rugs that also accumulate a lot of dust and mites.