Home remedies to remove makeup from clothes

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Home remedies to remove makeup from clothes

Staining makeup on clothes is a household incident that has happened to more than one person on more than one occasion, right? Surely before going to work, or when leaving home in a hurry, you have put on your makeup and your blouse that you like so much has been stained by a little mascara, lipstick, or make-up base, either liquid or in the dust.

Or even when you are hugged, when you are kissed, or when you have dirty hands without realizing it, you can easily ruin your clothes. But it has a solution! Even if you think that it is the end of that garment, let us tell you that there are a series of home remedies to remove makeup from clothes that will be very simple for you. Shall we start?

Tips before removing any makeup stain from your clothes

Before trying any of the remedies that we are going to tell you about below, you should take into account some indications. It is essential since, if you do not follow them, you could damage the clothes even more and, in these cases, there will be no turning back. So take note, pay close attention and you will be able to get that hateful stain out of your clothes and make it look like it was just bought. 

Read the label of the garment that has been stained carefully. In it you can find the temperature at which it should be washed, some indications to do it and the products that you should never use with it. 

Make sure you know exactly what products you are going to use to clean the stain. If you use ammonia, for example, you’d better protect yourself from the strong smell and also be careful not to spread it on your clothes.

Do not put the garment directly into the washing machine, because it will surely not be removed so easily. You must first treat the stain, and then add it to the rest of the laundry for treatment.

The most important thing, when it comes to makeup, is to identify the stain. What is the product that has spoiled the garment? Eyeliner, mascara, nail polish, lipstick… Each of them will have a different procedure.

Do not put the garment in the dryer. It is better to air dry or dry in the sun as the finish will be much more perfect. 

How to remove makeup stains from your clothes

As we have indicated, the essential thing is to find out what your clothes have been stained with . It is not the same to try to remove the makeup base, than a little bit of lipstick or a trace of blush. Also, you should know that not all stains are the same, since if it is still wet, it will be much easier to remove than if it has dried completely.

Remove foundation or concealer stains

In the case of makeup bases or concealers, you should know that they are the easiest to remove. The truth is that you may only need a little neutral soap and water, and rub on the stain. But if it persists, you can use one of these tricks depending on the type of base:

With liquid makeup

These types of bases are the easiest to remove. The reason? You will only have to help yourself with a spoon or a knife to remove the excess make up, and then help yourself with a little hydrogen peroxide rubbing on the stain. It will already be removed!

With powder makeup

Powder makeup is a little more difficult to remove. You can help yourself with a few drops of lemon juice, white vinegar or laundry detergent and mix it with hot water. Then, with the help of a toothbrush, rub directly on the stain very carefully.

Remove lipstick or gloss stains

These stains may be the most difficult to remove. The reason is that lipsticks usually have a series of oils in their composition to make it last longer on our lips… But we don’t want it to last as long on clothes!

To remove this type of stain, the first thing you should do is remove the excess with the help of a spatula or paper. If the lipstick has glitter or it is a gloss, make sure that there are no glitter residues on the garment. Then moisten with a little water and choose one of these options: hand soap, alcohol, toothpaste, or a specific stain remover for grease or oil .

But if you notice that none of these products is removed correctly, you can use ammonia. Of course, with great care not to spoil the rest of the garment to avoid an even greater disaster.

Remove mascara or eyeliner stains

To remove this type of stain you should know that the first step is just the opposite of the others. That is, instead of removing the excess with paper or a spatula, you must first moisten it with water. The reason is that if you do, you could spread the stain too much on the garment.

After moistening the area, opt for a little liquid soap on the stain and rub carefully. You can also help yourself with the detergent you normally use to wash clothes. Apply either of these two products on top of the stain, and rub very carefully with the help of hot water.

Immediately you will notice that the stain is disappearing little by little. But we recommend that to achieve a perfect finish you put the garment in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. You will see what an ideal result!

Remove blush or eyeshadow stains

The first step to removing blush or eyeshadow stains from your clothes is exactly the same as above. Never, under any circumstances, try to remove it with a bit of paper. The only thing you will achieve is to extend it even more and you will have a huge stain of some color. Try blowing a little to remove the excess, or you can even help yourself with the hair dryer to get it. Once the powders have disappeared, gently dampen the stain and use a little detergent to remove it. You could also use the typical make-up remover wipes , great allies when it comes to forgetting about this type of complicated stains