Home remedies to eliminate ants from our house

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Home remedies to eliminate ants from our house

An invasion of ants in our homes can certainly be annoying, although it may take some time to realize it due to the tiny nature of these insects. This does not mean that we have to resort to chemical products, which on some occasions can be partially harmful to our health, when disposing of them. For this reason, we can use a series of home remedies that are easy to prepare to consistently approach the control of an ant plague.

Get rid of ants by using home remedies

One of the most classic home remedies when it comes to dealing with these insects is to fill a plastic bottle with a sprayer with warm water and a little liquid soap -the typical one we use at home to wash the dishes-. Shake the mixture well and spray it on the ants once we see them appear. In the same way we can use the same technique with a different filling: lemon juice. Either option will result in an instant death of the ants.

Some of the places where ants usually travel are plugs and switches, so we can prepare traps in these places with the aim of eliminating them. To do this, we will proceed to unscrew the plates that house these switches and use a little boric acid as a home remedy. When the ants pass through the places where we have placed this substance, they will transport it on their trips to the nests in which they reside and proceed to contaminate them.

Another homemade trick to eliminate ants is to combine a quarter cup of sugar with a similar amount of honey. Once the mixture is made, we have to introduce it and heat it in the microwave long enough for it to dissolve. To enhance its eliminating action against these insects, we can add a little boric acid and place the preparation -always using a container so as not to stain the house unnecessarily- in strategic places where ants appear.