Fateful consequences of clutter at home: how to organize your home

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Fateful consequences of clutter at home: how to organize your home

There are days when you are too lazy to tidy up the house a bit . You come back from work (or you finish work if you have the office in your own home) and the only thing you want is to rest a bit to regain strength and energy for the next day. And so day after day, until you realize that your house has become a real jungle. 

Different consequences of clutter at home

Normally, when there is a disorder in our house, it is because we have a great disorder inside. Clutter can have consequences in many areas: physical, emotional and economic. Let’s see them!

Physical consequences

Disorder has physical consequences, since a disordered space is located as soon as it is seen. For that you do not need to be an expert, but it also goes much further. When there is disorder there is accumulation and not only of things, dust, bacteria and germs also accumulate, which makes us more prone to allergies and even increases the risk of fires. 

Emotional consequences 

The anxiety , stress and lack of peace that we all yearn for so much is caused by the disorder at home . We feel that everything is out of our control, we don’t know where to start, we are embarrassed to show our house and we become antisocial. We forget birthdays, we don’t have time to rest, and when we do, we feel bad because our house is dirty. We arrive late to places because we can’t find our car keys. 

Economic consequences 

In addition to the previous two, home clutter can also cause many economic consequences. For example, buying in duplicate, renting a storage room to store all those things that we accumulate but never use… Or even late payments due to poor organization of the letters or the entire issue of paperwork. 

What are the benefits of having a well-ordered house?

Now that we know the consequences of clutter at home , we have yet to take a closer look at the many benefits that a more organized home can have . Leticia Pérez Serrano tells us about all those benefits that make the consequences, little by little, disappear. 

Order is more important than we think. It has many benefits and not only on a physical level. Of course, seeing an orderly room is much more pleasant than a messy space, but the magic of all this is the benefits it brings us on a mental or emotional level. 

Simply, order simplifies our lives, it provides us with that peace that we may need in our day to day life. It makes us feel much calmer, happier , have a better relationship with the rest of the inhabitants of the house… And it also provides us with greater security and a higher level of self-esteem. What is the greatest benefit that order brings us? It gives us a lot of time. Time to enjoy the things that really matter. 

Order at home: what is the best way to organize your home? 

Your house surely has different rooms: the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the bathroom… How to have all this organized correctly? In any room in our house, the most important thing is to keep in mind that less is more . The fewer things we have, the less time we will have to spend cleaning, repairing or maintaining. 

Organization of the room: the closet 

Surely it has happened to you more than once: you open your wardrobe and you don’t know exactly what clothes you have because everything is disorganized. That ended! What you should do is choose a day when you have all the time in the world and get down to business. Take out everything in the closet and group it in different piles (shirts with shirts, pants with pants…) after placing the clothes in sections, we recommend that you use the same hangers to create harmony and reduce visual noise and vertical folding.

It is important for a good wardrobe to have basic garments that can be used for everything, for more than one occasion. Neutral colors (white, black, beige…) that are very combinable with each other are essential. The important thing is that there is not too much accumulation in your closet. 

Bathroom and kitchen organization 

Of course, the rooms that are most difficult to clean or organize in a house are the kitchen and the bathroom, don’t you think? For this reason, we must take into account some organization tips so that we have everything more or less organized and know what we have and what we do not. In this way, we will avoid the consequences that we have explained a few lines above. 

In both the kitchen and the bathroom, it is best to clear the countertops as much as possible . This simple gesture will create a before and after in the order of these rooms, because in addition to having a larger open space, it will facilitate the task of express cleaning. 

In addition, it is essential to organize the products a little with the corresponding drawer organizers or refrigerator and pantry trays, in the case of the kitchen. In this way you will know perfectly what you have and you will not have duplicate products, just as it will happen in the bathroom. 

In the case of the bathroom , on the other hand, you can also organize everything by sections (just as it happened in the closet) but this time depending on the care products you have: for example, hair, body, face, makeup… As well as a section of things that you use daily, in this way it will make your life much easier.