Faded clothes in the washing machine? 5 tricks to remove stains and fix the mess

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Faded clothes in the washing machine? 5 tricks to remove stains and fix the mess

Let’s be clear: it has also happened to you to put the blouse that you like so much in the washing machine and when you take it out, horror! She has faded and has been left with bluish spots. Or worse yet, wash the white shirt that you wear over and over again to go to work and, when you take it out of the washing machine, it is left with stains the color of the garment that you also put in by mistake. We know that it is necessary to separate the white clothes from the colored clothes when doing the laundry, and what is more, the correct thing is to put three washing machines: one for colorful clothes, another for those that have a light color such as beige and one third only for clothes in immaculate white color. But as much as we know the theory to the letter, disasters happen when you least expect it. 

“I’ll have to throw away the blouse” You think. Wait a minute! If you are reading this, it is because you are still hoping that your favorite garment will be saved from that fade. And you are right. Discover these tricks to remove stains and fix washing machine fading and your clothes will regain their usual color. And no, we do not mean that you put a little dishwashing detergent on the discolored stains and wash the garment over and over again… Now there are other simpler and much more effective tricks.

Tricks to remove faded stains 

Mix water with salt

Put cold water in a bowl (add some ice cubes) and a little salt. Submerge the clothes that have faded, and after a few minutes wash them in the washing machine as you always do. Try adding a dash of vinegar, perfect when the fade is a strong color. Notice the difference?

2 Laurel, water and baking soda works!

Another great idea to recover faded clothes is to boil some water with some bay leaves and a pinch of baking soda. Put the clothes in the mixture you have made and soak them for at least an hour. If you see that they are difficult stains and that they have not come out completely, repeat the steps that we have just told you about.

3 Egg and water, the home remedy of our grandmothers

Another of the home remedies that you can try is to cook some eggs in plenty of hot water, add the clothes that have faded and leave it for a few hours. Once you take it out, first wash it by hand to remove the remains of the egg and then in the washing machine together with the rest of the laundry. If the garment in question cannot be washed in hot water, instead of using eggs, prepare warm or cold water and at least half a liter of milk. Follow the same steps: submerge the garments for a long time until you see the color that it took on come off and then wash in the washing machine on the program that the garment requires.

4 Diluted ammonia to treat the most difficult fades

It involves using ammonia diluted in warm water. Put the clothes in the mixture for 10 minutes and let them dry in the sun. Ammonia is a powerful product so you should leave this method for the cases that really need it , if you abuse it your clothes will end up spoiling.

5 And for faded white clothes?

You can perfectly use the tricks that we have said before and you can also try putting the crushed clothes in water with bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Both are ideal for erasing fades from white clothes. The same as we have said with ammonia, do not abuse the bleach or you will see that yellowish stains end up appearing on the clothes due to wear.