7 tricks to remove pills from clothes

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7 tricks to remove pills from clothes

Surely it makes you as angry as it does us when your favorite sweater, the one you bought new and looks so good on you, pills after two washes. They appear because after going through the washing machine, some of the small fibers in the fabric break off and, over time, accumulate on the surface of your garment. Call it pellets, balls or fluff, but its appearance will bother you just the same. But worry no more because here are 7 tricks to remove pills from clothes.

The easy trick to remove pellets from clothes

The easiest way to get rid of all the pellets is to buy one of those machines that remove them by passing them over the surface. They are not too expensive and there are different types and sizes depending on what you need. You can also get one of those lint rollers with interchangeable sticky papers. But these tricks have no merit!

The quick trick to remove pellets from clothes

You can do this trick at any time because it is very fast and you only need things that you surely have at home. Duct tape can be very useful for getting rid of pills on clothes. You just have to spread the garment on a flat surface and cut a piece of tape. Stick it on one of the areas where there are pellets and peel it off with a jerk. Do this as many times as necessary to get the jersey clean or until the tape stops sticking.

The simple trick to remove pellets from clothes

For this simple trick you only need a wet sandpaper that is not too rough. Lay out your clothes and rub the sandpaper over the surface (always in the direction of the fabric!) to remove all the pills. Don’t go over the same area too many times because you could end up making a hole in the fabric. Do not use this trick on very delicate fabrics. You can also use a pumice stone.

The practical trick to remove pellets from clothes

Here is a very simple but practical trick that you will love. Spirally wrap packing tape around a rolling pin, leaving the sticky area out. Extend the garment on which you want to act and pass the roller. All the pellets will stick! Instead of rolling it on the roller, you can also wrap it around your hand and dab where there are pellets.

The original trick to remove pellets from clothes

To prevent your clothes from looking older and more worn than they really are, get yourself a razor blade. Anything you have at home, that is very clean, is good for this purpose. In fact, it is better that it is not new at all because otherwise, the blade will be too sharp. You just have to pass it in the direction of the fabric through the areas of your jersey that have pellets and you will ensure that none remain. Don’t press too hard because you could break the fabric. This trick is not valid for all types of fabric, since the most delicate ones could be damaged.

The trick of walking around the house to remove pellets from clothes

If just before you leave the house you realize that your t-shirt or jersey has sprouted some pellets, you need this instant trick. Take a comb with the teeth close together and pass it through the affected area. Try that your movements are not too sudden because you could spoil your clothes.

The risky trick to remove pellets from clothes

This trick can be a bit risky, but if you have a little delicacy the result is guaranteed. You just need a scourer that you have never used, to prevent clothes from getting dirty. Rub the rough part on the balls and you will be able to detach them. Be careful, because if you apply too much pressure you will damage the fabric.

The trick for the whole family to remove pellets from clothes

Nylon stockings can also help you remove pellets. And you will only have to put your hand up to the foot area and rub over the part where there are pellets.

How to prevent pellets from coming out of clothes

Prevention is better than cure, so take note of the following tips that will help you avoid those unsightly pellets.

When buying your clothes, look at the material it is made of , as there are certain fabrics that are more prone to pilling than others. You will always find this information on the inside labels. The more different materials that make up the garment, the more chance there is of the dreaded pilling. Remember that polyester is made up of different fibers, so it’s best to avoid it.

It takes a bit of work, but if you separate the clothes by fabric before putting them in the washing machine, you will greatly avoid pilling. To do this, use cloth bags.

If the bag thing seems a bit cumbersome to you, because it is, try washing the clothes inside out. This will make the fabrics rub against each other less.

It will also help you to wash the clothes by hand or use the less aggressive washing machine programs.

Use a good fabric softener.

Before you wear your new wool sweater for the first time, put it in the freezer in an airtight bag. It will help you to make the pellets take much longer to come out.