61 ideas of Advent Calendars that you can do at home: Let's get to work!

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61 ideas of Advent Calendars that you can do at home: Let's get to work!

Before the arrival of Christmas , it is common for many families to have the already famous Advent Calendar in their home . It is a type of calendar in which each of the 24 compartments that make it up generally contains a chocolate figure. In this way, each day that passes until the celebration of Christmas you will open one compartment after another, until you reach December 25.

Normally these types of calendars are sold anywhere, however you can be the most original in your environment by creating it yourself. You just have to add a little imagination and creativity, and you will be able to surprise your loved ones with your calendar, which will also be made with your own hands ! Thus, we leave you 61 Advent Calendar ideas that you can make at home . 

family advent calendars

There are many ways to make an Advent Calendar, but if it is for your family, it is clear that you will put all your effort into making it perfect. You can put it in your favorite place in the house , and establish rules to know who is the lucky one to eat the chocolate, or to discover the gift that is inside. Do you dare to play with your family ?

Advent calendars for couples

It is possible that this Christmas is the first time that you and your boyfriend spend under the same roof, or it may be that you have been living with him for the last few years. Whatever your case, any time is perfect to decorate your home with an Advent Calendar. An original idea? Create a romantic calendar with your photos, and you can keep it as a memory for a lifetime.

Advent calendars for children

Perhaps the little ones are the ones who enjoy the Christmas season the most. His illusions begin with the arrival of Santa Claus, and continue until the Three Kings. However, now you can play with them to prepare for Christmas with a beautiful Advent Calendar that, in addition, they will be the ones who will prepare it with you. It will be a wonderful activity with the little ones in the house!

Advent calendars with friends

Do you want to surprise your friends with an Advent Calendar? Now you can get out of the routine with them and your calendar, which will also be very original since it will be designed by yourself. We recommend that you use something fun to impress them, such as a game with beers or wine bottles that you will have to open on key days until Christmas arrives. You will have a great time!

Advent calendars with roommates

Your roommate may have started out as a stranger to you, but little by little he has earned a place in your heart. You also consider him a great friend, however at this point you can make your own Advent Calendar for your home. In addition, you will spend a pleasant time together away from television or mobile phones, do you dare? Among all the ideas there is one that you will love: leave fun messages for your partner, and he will see them the very day he has to open them.

 Advent calendars for your pets

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We have already mentioned all those important people that you want to share Christmas with you, such as your friends, your partner or your family. But what about your pets ? Your great friends, those who never fail, also deserve to have their own Advent Calendar. And if it is made by you, with the sweets that you like the most, the better. Give your pet a treat!

Other advent calendar ideas

If any of the above ideas have not convinced you at all, don’t worry! All is not lost. We leave you with some more ideas so that you can make a fun, original and unique Advent Calendar at home . We assure you that, with him, the wait for Christmas will be sweeter than ever. Let’s do it!