6 tricks to keep clothes looking new

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6 tricks to keep clothes looking new

Wearing clothes in good condition, without wrinkles, stains and without fading is our letter of introduction to society. Our appearance is the first impression that people have of us and wearing dirty and wrinkled clothes is not ideal. However, our pace of life and daily hustle and bustle often prevent us from dedicating the time that a good wash or ironing requires. For this reason, from here we want to give you the six tricks to keep your clothes looking like new when washing them and not having to waste more than just the right amount of time on it.

6 tricks to keep clothes new 

Avoid faded. If you suspect that one of your garments may fade when washed, you can avoid this by immersing it first in salted water (5 tablespoons of salt per liter of water) and keeping it on throughout the day and then rinsing it. Another trick that works is to soak the garment for three hours in water and lemon juice . Then wash it off with lukewarm water.

White clothes without bleach. The main component of clothes whitening products is chlorine, a substance that is harmful both to the environment and to the fibers of our clothes. A trick to avoid using these products is to dilute a tablespoon of baking soda in water and add the mixture to the clothes (never without diluting it in water, as it could damage the fabric) and then wash with the usual program.

Outside smells of sweat. Surely at some point you are ironing a shirt and you perceive a slight whiff of sweat and, after ironing it, you have to wash it again. To avoid this, mix the juice of half a lemon with the same amount of water and apply it with a cloth or sponge on the most critical areas, such as the armpit. Let the garment rest for 10 minutes and wash it normally.

 Prevent your clothes from leaving the washing machine wrinkled. Iron It’s a toston, so there are tricks to avoid this ordeal or, at least, make it easier. For example, do not overload the washing machine too much so that the clothes have enough space to wash well and spin. You should also not mix light garments with heavy ones, for example, jeans with a blouse. Hanging wet clothes on the clothesline by placing the clothespins strategically in the seams and shaking them first will, in many cases, prevent you from having to iron them. The composition of the clothes also has a great influence: if when buying a garment, it has a percentage of lycra, even if it is small, you will avoid ironing. In addition, natural fibers wrinkle less, with the exception of linen and 100% cotton clothing. Finally, if you put the washing machine at a lower spin speed, the clothes will come out wetter, but less wrinkled.

Stains out. We give you the tricks to remove some of the most common stains from your clothes. Those of oil are eliminated by throwing a little talcum powder on the stain so that it absorbs the grease. It is left to act for a day and then washed off. To remove gum stuck, it is best to put the garment in the freezer and when it is solidified, remove it; the other option is to apply gasoline. Makeup or lipstick stains are also very common: apply water with vinegar on the stain and let it act for half an hour before washing it off. But the stain among the hardest stains to remove is  blood ., but if you apply a jet of hydrogen peroxide on it and let it act for half an hour before washing the garment, you will see how it does not resist you.

Prevent your garments from shrinking.  Many mothers and grandmothers know this, but to prevent clothes from shrinking, you have to read the instructions on the label before washing them. In addition, if you wash your clothes with cold water, you will also avoid scares in this sense, you will keep your clothes in better condition and you will save on your bill. The dryer is the cause of most unwanted shrinkage, because it causes the fibers to decrease in size.