10 clothes tricks that will save you in an emergency

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10 clothes tricks that will save you in an emergency

Help! Has a button broken? Have you swollen and you can’t close your pants? Do you have wrinkles in your clothes? Do not panic because everything has a solution. And with these tips, it will be much easier. Here are 10 clothing hacks that will save you in an emergency.

The trick with clothes: Enlarge the pants

It’s happened to all of us: one day you eat more than you should, you’re bloated because of your period, you’ve had more carbonated drinks than you should… and when you go to put on your pants you get the surprise… it doesn’t button up! Calm down, because we have an infallible remedy to enlarge the pants temporarily. With just an elastic band you can make your pants give you a little breathing space.

1 Insert one end of the rubber band through the button hole.

2 Put one of the sides through the hole of the other so that the elastic is fixed to the pants.

3 Hook the open buttonhole with the button on the pants. And finally you can breathe again with those pants! Make sure the t-shirt is long enough so that no one finds out your secret.

Clothes hack: Fix a zipper

If your zipper has broken or you are falling victim to one of those pants models with tiny zippers, you need to discover this trick. You will never hear that your fly has dropped again if you follow the steps below. The only thing you are going to have to worry about is getting a ring or ring, one of those that are used as a key ring.

1 Hook the ring to the zipper through the different rings that make it up, as if you were inserting a key.

2 Insert the ring in the button of the pants so that it is well fastened. Now you just have to fasten your seat belt and no one will notice your trick.

Trick with clothes: Eliminate pilling

Has your favorite jumper been pilled? Don’t worry! This garment can still have a lot of life by your side if you know how. With this awesome emergency hack, that old sweater will look like it just came out of the store. You just need a razor blade.

1 Lay the sweater out on a flat surface and run the blade through it. You will see that all the pellets get stuck and disappear!

2 Keep in mind that this trick is not valid with all fabrics, since those that are more delicate could be damaged by rubbing.

Clothes hack: Unexpected suitcase

Has an unexpected trip come up and you have to pack a suitcase immediately? You can’t even carry a suitcase and you have to carry it in a backpack? Surely you always lack space for those ‘just in case’ that you take with you. Well, we have the definitive solution to save a little space when storing your clothes .

1 Take your pants and fold them in half. You must take into account the type of fabric they are made of since, if they are not jeans, they could wrinkle too much.

2Roll them up so they take up less space. If you do this with all your clothes, you will get a lot more room in your suitcase. This method can also help you take up less space in your drawers.

Trick with clothes: Ironing without an iron

Yes, what you read. It is possible to iron without an iron, or rather, remove wrinkles without this hated appliance. If you have gone on a trip and you have forgotten the iron at home, sign up for this trick.

1 Take the hair straightener and clean it well so that it does not have traces of hairspray, hair gel, shampoo or any other hair product that could stain your clothes.

2 As if that shirt were your hair, brush it over any stubborn wrinkles. Do not raise the temperature too much because you could spoil your favorite shirt.

3 Other tricks to remove wrinkles from clothes without an iron : use the steam from the shower to smooth out wrinkles, lay the garment flat under the mattress so that it flattens out well, use vinegar together with the fabric softener…

Trick with the clothes: scarves always ordered

You’ve been doing it wrong all your life. Handkerchiefs, foulards, scarves and others should not be stored folded in a drawer. Doesn’t it happen to you that in the end you end up wearing the ones on top much more often? With this trick, you will have them all in sight , well ordered and they will wrinkle much less.

1 You only need a hanger and if it is made of wood, the better because it will not leave marks on the clothes.

2 Tie them on a hanger, one next to the other, so that they hold well and hang it in your closet.

Clothing hack: Safe buttons

Monday morning, you leave the house and -oh horror!-, the top button of your shirt has fallen off, revealing more than you would like. Emergency! This would not have happened if you had been careful and applied this trick to secure the buttons.

1 Take clear nail polish and put some on the button you want to fix well.

2Let it dry well and avoid the nail polish touching the fabric of the garment because it will leave a stain. Your button will never come undone again!

Clothes hack: Non-slip hanger

No more having your clothes thrown around the closet because they fell off the hanger. This trick will be especially useful with those slippery fabrics like satin or silk or with those garments that have a very wide neck. This is the most useful and simple trick.   

1 Cut a piece of foam large enough to go around one side of the hanger.  

2Use glue to join the ends and make sure it stays firmly on the hanger. Repeat the same operation on the other side of the hanger. This piece of rubber will stop your garment from slipping.  

3 Another option is to use a hot glue gun to put it on the sides of the hanger. The effect will be the same as the previous one: prevent the garments from falling off the hangers.

Trick with the clothes: Cleaning the suede

Have you left home and realized that your ankle boots or boots are dirtier or more scratched than you thought? Calm down, here you have the perfect remedy for this type of emergency. Cleaning suede and suede is possible with this simple trick. You can finally remove all the dirt that filled your favorite boots. It will also work on scratches that have marred them. They have a solution!

1 Take an old file that you have around the house.

2 Go over the areas where there are scratches or stains. Thanks to this simple gesture you will get them to recover their best appearance.

Clothes trick: fasten with a belt

Have you bought a belt that is too long for your figure? If it is bigger than you thought at first or you have lost a lot of weight, surely the end that hangs down will be very uncomfortable for you. Here’s a wonderful idea so that it doesn’t bother you again.

1 Grab a bobby pin or hair clip.

2 Put on the belt as you normally do.

3 Use this hair accessory to attach the end to the rest of the belt . At last you will be able to reuse that belt that you had discarded for being too long.